Package io.github.lukebemish.brainfrick.lang.runtime

package io.github.lukebemish.brainfrick.lang.runtime
Classes used at runtime by brainfrick and referenced in compiled code. These classes should generally not be referenced in brainmaps.
  • Class
    An exception thrown to indicate that the buffer of values available when brainfrick attempts to call a callable was too small for the callable in question.
    Represents any sort of callable object.
    Holds the structure used to store data during a brainfrick method execution.
    An exception thrown to indicate that a type cannot be unboxed into another type.
    Contains methods used while invoking Caller instances from a compiled brainmap, or when attempting to box or unbox values in order to create integer indices during Cells.asInt(int).
    Contains utility methods used by brainfrick to handle casting to return types.
    An exception thrown to indicate that a given brainfrick operation (such as incrementing or decrementing) cannot be applied to the given object.