Luke Bemish

An undergraduate studying mathematics and biology with a concentration in neuroscience; interested in systems neuroscience and dynamical systems.

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Research Experience

CURI Summer Researcher

Summer 2022 - St Olaf College

Explored the presence of neural responses to magnetic stimuli in the retina.

Compared approaches from information theory to classical approaches for quantifying neural response in retinal ganglion cells.

Designed a data pipeline to process neural spike data recorded from a multi electrode array and characterize its response to a known stimulus.

Summer Intern at Air Force Research Labs

Summer 2020-2021 - Cold Atom Lab, Kirtland AFB, NM

Simulated, built, and tested a high-current op-amp power supply for a cold atom system.

Developed and implemented a type of Bayesian optimization algorithm to more efficiently cool atoms in an atomic physics experiment.

Research Science Institute

July 2020 - Center for Excellence in Education

Designed a computational approach for Foldiakā€™s algorithm, an alternative approach to categorization using neural-inspired unguided learning, for use without prior knowledge of the probabilities of features.


St Olaf College

Fall 2021 - Present

Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and Biology, with a concentration in Neuroscience. Coursework includes Organic Chemistry, Linear Algebra, Cellular Biology, and Abstract Algebra; Currently taking Real Analysis and a second semester of Organic Chemistry.

Other Coursework

Secondary school coursework included two years each of biology, chemistry, and physics, one year of geology, and mathmatics through multivariate calculus.

Took Discrete Mathematics and Introductory Differential Equations through dual enrollment at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.




Other Interests

An avid rock climber, photographer, and birdwatcher, I enjoy camping, hiking, and cross country skiing.